About Kei Dubb:

Kei Dubb is a dynamic and multi-faceted creative business, lifestyle, and entertainment brand committed to offering products and services that help merge the best of the creative industries with solid business structures and technology. The focus is two-fold and includes:


    • bringing fellow artists/creators with the business tools and technological resources they need to expand the reach of their creative works in the world so they may enjoy financial successes, and do so without comprising the authenticity of their creative expression.


  • providing audiences with stellar recorded music and exclusive LIVE! concert experiences


The Vision:

To be at the forefront of culture where the starving artist is a thing of the past, and where independent artists/creators have access to the skills and resources they need to expand the reach of their work in the world, and build financially viable careers without compromising the integrity and authenticity of their unique creative expression.


The Mission:

We endeavour to produce premium arts/culture and entertainment products and services and to impart pragmatic business practices to independent artists/creators, through innovative, technologically-powered means of access.


Core Values:

It is no accident that our 6 core values, when combined, spell the word SPIRIT. These 6 values are at the heart of what we do and our entire focus, vision, mission, and strategic objectives and goals are built around the same. Our six core values are:



For creative work to thrive and make its biggest impact, there must be order. With structure as one of our core values, we endeavour to maintain and promote structures that help us put our best creative foot forward for ourselves and our clients


Business best practices in the art/culture sector are only as useful as their application. With pragmatism as one of our core values, we commit to ensuring that all business best practices put forward to clients are done so that they can


Integrity commits to doing the right thing because it is the right thing. At Kei Dubb, we hold ourselves to the highest standards, endeavouring to deliver our best products and services to artists/clients and audiences at all times


As an arts/culture services business catering to fans and clients alike, we commit to being connected to with the changes in business best practices and standards, and with the arts/culture and entertainment sectors products and services delivery so we can best adapt and evolve with these changes and meet the needs of all who consume our products and services


An excellent products/services offering must be supported by processes that allow them to be easily accessed. Therefore, we commit to regularly reviewing and improving our business operations processes to ensure a seamless connection between what we offer

Technology Focus

Modern technological resources are at the heart of what we do. Technology is at the foundation of our business operations processes and the means through which we make our product/service offering available to both our valued fans and clients


Products and Services:

Conceptualised by a creative herself, the products and services offered here at Kei Dubb fall within one of three categories: business, lifestyle, and entertainment. Our entertainment suite of products and services are geared towards music fans everywhere who enjoy exclusive live and recorded music experiences of the highest quality and standards. Our business and lifestyle products are designed for our fellow artists/creators who desire to see their creative work impact the world while enjoying financial success and without compromising what they have determined to be their authentic creative experience. As such, Kei Dubb products and services are built with the following philosophies in mind:


  • Art was meant to be authentic in its expression and broad in its reach
  • Artists should profit financially from their work, without feeling like they have to ‘sell out’ to do so
  • Artists and creators should be able to lead balanced lifestyles more often than not