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Vision Boards: Another Rung on the Ladder of Life by Design

I have set and pursued goals for myself both on a personal and professional level for my entire life. I have used journals to write my prayers, dreams, plans, goals, objectives, dating back to my pre-teen years – and long before those years, I would hold a picture in my head of my future self (what us adults call daydreaming or make belief). In addition, I love hearing stories of how others create visions for their life and successfully apprehend them. As such, I was no stranger to the concept of vision boarding and the extraordinary stories of those who used them to create images for their life and then going on to achieve – and many times supersede – them. Still, I never got into the concept of making my own vision boards.

Self-Actualisation, Vision, and Manifestation

While self-actualisation and journeying within has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, so, when I was invited to attend a vision board party by one of my nearest and dearest I jumped at the chance. I saw it as an opportunity to take this journey up a notch, and was happy to try something new and something I’ve heard so much about in an atmosphere of encouragement with other young men and women who also wanted to manifest the highest vision for themselves. Admittedly, I did have some apprehension about laying some of my goals and desires bare for others (many of whom were strangers prior), and wondered how this would actually play out and whether this process would work for me as it had for so many others before. Thankfully, my concerns were laid to rest once we gathered together. Also, I trust Prudie who invited me to this event.

More Than Glorified Scrapbooking and Being Trendy

From the moment I entered the room, I could tell I was in good company. The welcome was warm, the tables were laid with all that we would need to start creating our vision boards. Aaaannnnddd, there was good food, music, vibes, and even better people – 10 to be exact. Things got underway at around 7:30 pm with the welcome, introductions, and sharing some thoughts on what we would like to materialise as 2018 rolls on. Then, we watched a Jack Canfield video on vision boarding and the best ways to go about putting our ideas on paper, as well as how to use our vision boards for maximum results as the year rolled on.

As expected, many of us had material goals that we wish to bring to fruition in 2018. What was perhaps more surprising was how many of us had personal goals had deep-seated goals like growing spiritually, boosting our self-image, and how we value ourselves at the deepest part of us and in the world, and so much more. It was refreshing. These guys were big, yet practical dreamers! To top it all off, the AMAZINGLY TALENTED and supercool International Reggae-Soul recording and performing artist and songwriter Hezron stopped by and treated us to a private show on his guitar! Did I say he was amazing? Just in case I didn’t… he is UH-MAY-ZIN!

Cheers to Our Amazing New Lives: Here’s What I Learned

By the end of the night, it became clear that creating vision boards was more than just cutting pretty pictures and words out of magazines and playing make-believe. The process was cathartic for me and some of the things on my vision board has already come to pass and others are almost there. I may honestly need another large one by mid-year. So, here’s what this entire experience taught me.

1. We must get clear in our lives about what we want

As I prepared for the vision board party, it became clear that many times all we have is a broad idea of what we want in or from our life. Vision boarding forced me to identify clearly everything I was moving towards. I gave it a name, a deadline, and a way forward.

2. Our mind is far more powerful than we realise

It is amazing what can begin to happen in our lives when we begin to see things differently in our mind’s eye. Through right imagery, we remain focused and are more likely to make those decisions and practice those behaviours that are in line with what we are trying to accomplish – personally and otherwise.

3. Everything is energy

Admittedly, the above statement has a lot to do with my own take on life and how this all works. Still, when we see how things tend to line up in the material world when we get things ‘right’ in the world of the immaterial (mind, spirit, soul, will, emotions), it is reasonable to think I may be onto something. The point is, everything is more connected that we think and the things we can see are often inextricably linked to the things we don’t see.

4. The right support matters

Finally, surrounding yourself with those who are dedicated to becoming their best selves will help you stay committed to your journey. Your goals don’t have to be the same, or similar, but those in your circle of support should at least be committed to heading somewhere so you can support each other on your paths to your best lives.

Creating Vision Boards – Fun Tips You Can Use

  1. Get clear on what you want
  2. Choose pictures and words that reflect how you want to feel when you achieve your goals. These will help to keep you feeling good and keep a positive mindset regarding what you are trying to achieve
  3. Organise your vision board, ensuring different areas of your life that you wish to tackle are represented
  4. Keep is clean. The last thing you want to do is be overwhelmed when you look at your vision board. Avoid too much clutter
  5. Make smaller vision boards or affirmation cards based on your vision board – weekly, monthly, or quarterly – as the year goes by to help keep you grounded (and focused)
  6. Make plans but release the how. As we take steps toward our vision it helps to focus on the big picture as while things will manifest, they often come to us in the least unexpected ways – and that’s a good thing

 Final Note

From start to finish, attending this vision board party is one of the best things I have done for myself to date I have been able to connect with some great new people – each on their own journeys – and I’m further on my journey thanks to this experience. Many of the things I and others who attended have included on our vision boards have started to materialise. Should things continue at this rate, we all may be revisiting this exercies again mid-year. Thanks for inviting me Prudie! You are a gem! Here’s to making all of our dreams come.


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