We all know we should save money for rainy days and to help us reach our goals. Still, actually saving money is something that eludes many of us. For many of us, we think we simply don’t earn enough to truly be able to save the way we should because we fail to see how much (and quickly) a little bit can add up.  Whatever our reason(s) for not sticking with a savings system, we know we need to save and invest smartly and have a practical and clear way forward. As cliche as it sounds, taking the first step is the hardest part. Below, we take a closer look at a 52-week money challenge solution that can show us just how to save money, starting now, a little at a time.

Your 52-week solution for increased savings

I first came across the 52-week money challenge on Twitter. While I’ve always had my own money saving systems, I too have had times when I’m tapped out and simply feel like I earn too little to start saving the way I would like. It is a great option for those who think they simply don’t earn enough to save even a little. Yet, this is exactly what makes this solution such a great one. It is the perfect option for those who think they simply don’t earn enough to save even a little. The 52-week money challenge shows you just how you can save a little each week and end up with a lot more at the end of the year! You can thank me later.


How it works

The 52-week challenge is based on the simple premise of saving just one dollar more each week than the week before. The challenge starts with saving 1 dollar the first week of the year and then adding one dollar increments each week until the 52 weeks are completed. You can start the 52-week challenge wherever you are in the year (eg, 26 dollars @ week 26), and start at the beginning of the new year should all things remain well.

It is important to remember that the $1 suggestion is just that – a suggestion. You can instead use $10.00 or $100.00 instead depending on your local currency or if you are in an income bracket that allows for the same. No matter how rich you think you are on account of your earning, saving is something we should all do. So, let’s get to it.  It’s still early in the year to get started. Now, this should be fun!

Be sure to share your ‘how to save money’ tips in the comments section below, as well as your experiences using this 52-week money challenge.


Working the plan

You can opt to print or digitally save a copy of the challenge below, or you can opt to make your own with your own figures. To save the image, simply right-click on it and select “save image as” from the drop-down menu that appears. Be sure to pay attention to which local drive it is being saved in on your computer or mobile. Finally, keep the plan somewhere you can see it at all times. You’re more likely to stick with it when it’s constantly ‘in your face.’ Happy saving!