Hi Guys! As I was writing one of my most recent posts (this one if you must know), I realised that I codeswitch a lot in my writing – mostly in the sidebar. It then dawned on me that my non-Jamaican/Caribbean readers unfamiliar with Jamaican parlance may find this challenging. So, I’ve decided to include a fun Glossary of Terms that would help you to make sense of some of it.

I will continue to add words to this list and their meanings as they come up in my writing. So here goes:



Word Pronunciation Meaning/Translation
unu ooh-nuh Collective plural ‘you’. I.e. ‘you guys’
doh Think ‘don’t” without pronouncing the ‘n’ and the ‘t’ at the end Do not
lawd Pronounced as spelt or like the english ‘laud’ but with a lax jaw on the ‘ud’ Lord 🙂
laaf Pronounced ‘laugh’ Laugh